How is a dietary program designed and selected for a patient?

Medical Weight Management ClinicsMedical Weight Management Clinics provide safe, supervised and effective weight loss programs. Our expert staff will design and select a program category and diet specifically for you immediately after your initial complimentary evaluation is completed.

The evaluation will first include filling out the patient questionnaire, which may be printed from our website and completed at home prior to your appointment. This questionnaire will provide introductory medical and lifestyle information that will help to guide the remainder of the evaluation.

The second part of the complimentary evaluation is a Body Composition Analysis, followed by an explanation of the results and a discussion on the mechanics of a medical weight management programs provided at our office.

Upon completion of your initial consultation, our Medical Professionals will evaluate your current Medical Condition and develop your individualized Nutritional Plan based upon your current health status. We combine a detailed plan to address both your Weight Management and Health/Wellness goals, ensuring your overall success!!

Individualized Programs

Your individualized weight management program is carefully driven by a medical protocol that will include medical supervision every step of the way, guaranteeing your long-term success and improve your overall wellness. Our nutritional staff will prepare a specialized dietary program incorporating the most current techniques. Your program will include carefully selected, regular food items supplemented with the highest quality, industry-leading supplements.

Program Types

VLCD – Very Low Calorie Diet

A VLCD program is any diet plan that allows 800 calories or less in a day and requires mandatory supervision by a physician at our clinic. VLCD plans are primarily used for patients that are seriously overweight or suffer from severe obesity and present a (BMI) Body Mass Index over 30. Patients may lose 3-5 pounds per week. VLCD plans rely almost entirely on meal replacement supplements prescribed by a physician at your Medical Weight Management Clinics office. VLCD plans include behavior modification training as well as an introduction to physical activity.

LCD – Low Calorie Diet

LCD plans are considered the more traditional weight loss methods and typically allow between 800-1500 calories a day and encourage an increase in physical activity and also include behavior modification counseling. Patients may expect to lose between 1-3 pounds per week, dependent upon their unique needs and requirements. LCD plans are slightly less restrictive and may incorporate a variety of protein rich meal replacement products and regular food items.

Gluten Free Diet

Individually designed for restricted or gluten free weight management programs.

Low Glycemic Index Diet

Individually designed for lowering blood glucose in diabetic and prediabetic patients.

Vegetarian Diet

Individually designed for a healthy weight loss program in all classifications of vegetarian guidelines.

We design diets for Gout and Fibromyalgia as well!