Our products are true meal replacements and of the highest quality that are only distributed to medical offices.  We carry a huge variety of bars, liquid protein meal replacements and offer shakes, flavored hot chocolates, flavored cappuccino, hot and cold flavored teas, fruit drinks, flavored instant puddings, soups and pasta meals.

The Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss

Not only do our bars pack a punch with high quality, easily digestible protein, but they actually taste good too! Our protein bars are designed to replace meals and help promote weight loss. These bars are high in protein but low in calories so you will feel fuller longer while still maintaining a low-calorie diet. With a variety of flavors to choose from, you will see why these are the best protein bars on the market. Each bar packs anywhere from 13 to 15 grams of protein and only has from 150 to 190 calories! If you are gluten intolerant, we even carry several Gluten Free bars!  These protein bars for weight loss are made of only the highest quality ingredients, like Non-GMO Isolated Soy Protein and Whey Powder. The benefits of protein for weight loss are unquestioned! With our meal replacement protein bars, you won’t have to sacrifice flavor or hunger to lose weight.

Chewy Bars


Peanut Butter Bar


Strawberry Cheesecake Bar


Oatmeal Bar


 Caramel Brownie (Yogurt) Bar

Crispy Bars

pbandj“Gluten Free” Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar

chocolatepeanutdream (1)“Gluten Free” Chocolate Peanut Dream Bar

peanutbuttercrisp“Gluten Free” Crispy Peanut Butter Bar

lemonmeringue“Gluten Free” Lemon Meringue